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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked pricing with regard to eShowers pricing

Can I add my own hardware?

Yes! Both eShowers Professional & Enterprise editions allow you to add your own hardware fittings and maintain a full catalog of parts, available for all users on your account. We can also help you to get started with your hardware catalog by uploading your components for a small service charge.

Can I add extra users?

Yes you can add extra users to your account for a small additional monthly fee. Pricing for extra users is different for every edition, so please check the price for your edition above.

What Operating Systems are supported?

Currently, eShowers is only available for Microsoft Windows. Mac & Mobile are scheduled for roadmap development.

What are Sub-licenses?

Our Enterprise edition allows you to provide sub-licenses (Standard or Professional edition only) to your dealers/customers/installers, alllowing them to enter their own quotes into eShowers and send orders directly to you.

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