Shower Software. Evolved.

Hardware Choice in your control

eShowers provides you with a complete control over the hardware choice for your business and users!

Unlimited Hardware Choice:

Ships with major hardware manufacturers including:

  • CRL Compatible*
  • USH Compatible*
  • Portals Hardware*

Or create your own Custom Catalog!

  • Add your own custom fittings
  • Support for custom hinges, pivots, handles, channel & vinyl profiles and more!
  • Pricing for all hardware items easily uploaded!

* eShowers is supplied with compatible fittings & cutouts for popular manufacturers who are not affiliated with our partner program.

Complex fitting scenarios with ease!

  • eShowers will automatically apply the correct hardware in your preferred quantities and default positions
  • Cutouts & holes placed automatically for your chosen fittings!
  • Mix and match hardware from multiple vendors in the same shower enclosure along with customer specific pricing
  • Any combination of hinges, clamps, channels and headers can be applied with the click of button
  • Manufacturer maximum usage ratings will be calculated for each panel and warning provided when exceeded
  • Default placement of hinges, clamps and channel performed automatically with overrides easily performed

Powerful Pricing Engine

  • Product, colour & variation pricing
  • Discounted price lists for trade & account customers
  • Customer overrides for specific products and finishes
  • Set and forget pricing – let the eShowers quoting engine do the hard work for you!

Template Designs

Choose from hundreds of built-in templates:

  • Over 600 shower templates to chose from
  • Intuitive step-by step job builder
  • Advanced 3D capabilities
  • Or build showers from scratch using the design engine

Reduce Costly Errors

Use our Shower Builder to dramatically reduce errors:

  • Automatic calculation of deductions for clearances, outages, notch details, holes and edgework
  • Generates completed glass fabrication details in an accurate, scaled 2D drawing
  • Diagrams that can be saved as a PDF, printed out, emailed or converted to a DXF file for integration with AutoCAD machinery

Fast & Accurate Quoting

Let our quoting engine to do the heavy lifting for you:

  • Accurately priced glass including block size, holes & cutouts, notches, rakes & radius corners, edgework and much more
  • Improve efficiency for your sales team by produce more quotes in less time
  • Remove quotation errors and improve job profitability
  • See costs & profit instantly when quoting

Professional Quotations

Produce consistent & professional customer quotations:

  • All quotes produced include:
    • Your company logo
    • 3D model of the shower
    • Complete hardware summary including selected finishes
    • The total unit price
    • Tax applicable (various options available)
    • Customer signoff/acceptance form
  • Show your client proposed 3D models right there on the site
  • Discuss options with the client and even provide multiple options!

Customer Pricing Module

Now complex customer pricing is made easy:

  • Set global discount tiers with automatic discount %
  • Add customers to global discounts tiers for glass/hardware
  • Apply invidual customer overrides for any piece of hardware in any finish or for any glass product or glass processing!

Integrated Email Functions

Take the hardwork out of sending quotes and orders:

  • Email customer quotations and glass order directly from eShowers
  • No need to mess and around with PDF’s, folders & attachments
  • Email history viewable directly in the eShowers console
  • In-built email templates for consistency
  • Automatically CC/BCC to sales or customer service emails

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